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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Wyld Oaks Dog Park Design Initiative

Why is Wyld Oaks creating a dog park?

Dog parks aren’t just for our furry friends; they’re community builders! They provide a space for pups to play and socialize and create opportunities for neighbors to connect, promoting health, happiness, and a sense of belonging for everyone. And in the spirit of Wyld Oaks, we aren’t just creating a dog park, we aim to create America’s Top Dog Park. 

What will make this “America’s Top Dog Park?”

For starters, we’re asking America to get into the action and help us dream big to co-create the design and experience of BARK. We want the experts—dog owners and lovers—to help guide the creation of this special place for generations to enjoy.

Another really cool feature is that the dog park is being planned to collocate near Yonder, one of the signature features of Wyld Oaks. Yonder features centuries-old preserved oak trees and unique topography for the Orlando region. The rest of the park’s “bowwowWOW” features will be determined as we curate ideas into two dog park design concepts for public voting. 

When will the crowdsourcing initiative begin and what does it entail?

In celebration of Pet Appreciation Week (June 3–10), the crowdsourcing initiative for this dog park will launch on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. Canine-loving contributors can submit their ideas via this online survey through Monday, July 22, 2024. From there, the design team (LRK) will use all ideas will to develop two concepts for BARK. Once those designs are ready, we will share them with the public for voting to help guide the final bark park plan.

Where can I find more information on what makes a great dog park?

Check out our blog post about the top 10 features that make an ultimate dog park experience.

How can I participate?

Sharing your ideas is simple! Just visit the online survey.  

Does the dog park have a name?

Right now, we’re referring to the dog park as BARK. The name is inspired by (you guessed it) the voices of our VIPs (Very Important Pooches). It is also a nod to the Wyld Oaks namesake oak trees that are being carefully preserved inside of Yonder, the public park and nature preserve where BARK will be located.

When will the dog park open?

Wyld Oaks is under construction right now. We’re laying the literal groundwork for this massive mixed-use destination. For this reason, we see 2026 as a reasonable expectation for when BARK will open. We have trees to preserve, roads to pave, and so many incredible experiences to diligently plan for, and it takes time to do it right. 

Will the dog park be open to the public?

Abso-barking-lutely! The team behind Wyld Oaks loves dogs and loves people who love dogs, so we look forward to welcoming all to gather, run, play, roll, and BARK! (It will be the most fun for those who decide to live and work at Wyld Oaks!) 

How many acres from the Wyld Oaks development will be allocated for the dog park?

The Wyld Oaks dog park will span at least one acre so that furry friends have plenty of room to romp, run, and play. Depending on the ultimate concept and design, the total space of BARK may expand, so more details will be shared as the planning stage progresses and after the design concepts have been developed. 

Where will the dog park be located within the Wyld Oaks development?

Another really cool aspect about BARK is that it will be located near Yonder, one of the signature park features inside Wyld Oaks. Yonder is a nature preserve with trails, passive gathering spaces, and unique topography for the Orlando region. The real magic is that it features a rare canopy of namesake oak trees, some more than a century in age, which have been carefully preserved.

How much will it cost to design and build the dog park?

Our first step is getting the best ideas from across America and then using those to develop the design concepts. Ultimately, the cost will be determined as part of the project journey as the final design plan, scope, and programming are identified.

Will the financial investment for the development of the dog park come from private investors or will it be publicly funded?

Wyld Oaks has budgeted private investment to develop BARK, but we are also pursuing naming rights opportunities for beloved brands that want to be a part of bringing America’s top dog park to life in Orlando. Naming rights partnerships would expand funding to amplify the park’s potential experiences and programming by bolstering the project budget.

Will there be sponsorship opportunities?

A naming rights sponsorship opportunity is available for the park. We will explore other sponsorship opportunities as the design concepts and plan are developed.

How can I request more information about name rights or sponsorship opportunities?

Interested brands wishing to receive more information on naming rights or sponsorship opportunities for BARK at Wyld Oaks should contact our development team.

How will Wyld Oaks engage the public in the planning and design of the dog park?

We’re asking everyone to help us dream big and share engaging ideas for experiences, programming, and more, co-creating the park’s design with our team. We want the experts—dog owners and dog lovers—to help guide the creation of this special place for generations to enjoy. 

How can we stay up-to-date on the results of the crowdsourcing initiative and the project at large?

For up-to-date information on the crowdsourcing initiative, sign up for our newsletter, The Wyld Side, to receive email updates from Wyld Oaks. Or, follow along on our socials: LinkedIn, Instagram, X/Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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